An evening spiced with learning and raclette

VEO is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year under the theme; Passion for learning . We’re always ready to learn something new. Passion for learning means exploring new things from the past, for now and in the future.

Yesterday evening in Tampere was all about learning, and eating. VEO’s VIP guests had the chance to have a taste of the traditional Swiss cheese dish, raclette.

Historian Pia Österman expanded the topic of “passion for learning”. Pia opened some of the famous stories of learning throughout the history: these included learning by mimicking and learning by mistakes.

– It’s difficult to say what the audience learnt, but I agree with Andre Gidén’s famous expression; “Everything that needs to be said has already been said. But since no one was listening, everything must be said again”. What really matters for learning, is to have interest in the topic and the will to learn. I find it really interesting when my stories lead to discussions, and this happened also yesterday, Pia says.

Being interested in something, and having the desire to learn new things, sounds really familiar. It’s Passion for Learning!