Cooperation, fun and passion!

What do football and VEO have in common? At a quick glance, nothing, but on closer inspection quite a lot really. Salla and Vesa Talonpoika can tell you more.

“I’m Salla Talonpoika, a 17-year-old girl from Vaasa. I was born and raised here.
I play centre-back for Vaasa IFK. I’ve been playing football since I was five, almost my whole life. I also did downhill skiing for ten years – and have six Finnish Championship medals as souvenirs – but these days I’m putting everything into football. Our team plays in the girls’ B series of the Finnish Champions League. Someday I want to play in the Women’s Champions League, the women’s national team and also abroad, in Sweden for example.”

“I’m Vesa Talonpoika, Salla’s dad. I’ve been working at VEO for about 20 years.
I started out as a project engineer and am now a project manager. I’m currently working in the hydropower division. I’m originally from Lappeenranta. I came to Vaasa to study – and I’ve never went back.”

A young girl and football. The girl’s father a project manager for hydropower projects. What do football and hydropower projects have in common?

“That’s what I love about football – playing as one and the locker room spirit.”

Team spirit

“Football is a team game
. We may win or lose, but always as a team. That’s what I love about football – playing as one and the locker room spirit. Football has given me loads of great memories thanks to our shared experiences. Without my teammates, there are so many things I would never have done or achieved.”

“Our work is
all about cooperation, too, especially within projects. We also share our expertise and knowledge between teams, as that’s the best way to improve. I play ice hockey for our work team, which is another great way to forge team spirit.”

Learning new things

“I learn something
new from every game and training session. As a player, you’re never done learning. You can also see yourself improving, and that’s really motivating. And of course we’re always learning to play better as a team as well. That’s going to be important this autumn, when we’re competing for the championship.”

“Each one of my projects
is different. That’s what keeps things interesting. I’m continuously encountering new challenges, as no two sites are ever the same. And that’s why you also learn something new every day in this line of work. It keeps your mind active and is one of the reasons why I’ve stayed at VEO for 20 years.”


“I’m motivated to improve. One fine day, I hope to play for Finland’s national team. I want to see how good a player I can become. That’s why I’m keen to train every single day.”

“You always want to do things better. It’s a matter of pride. Do your job well – and maybe even a little better than elsewhere! It’s nice to come to work when your goals are in line with the company’s. That’s how it’s been at VEO.”


“Even when you’re serious about something and are aiming for great things, you mustn’t forget to enjoy everyday life. I think people get the best out of themselves when they do things seriously but without forgetting fun and laughter.”

“VEO has a reputation for being a slightly different kind of place to work – in a good way.”

“VEO has a reputation
for being a slightly different kind of place to work – in a good way. We always have a lot of freedom in our jobs, and humour flourishes here. I believe that people work harder when they enjoy what they’re doing. Then everyone dares to be themselves, and that’s the foundation for success in everything.”

All things considered, VEO and football have quite a lot in common. At VEO we want to support our employees and their children in their spare time activities – thus shouldering its social responsibility. Engaging in the local football scene is one way to do it. VEO is the main sponsor of Vaasan Palloseura and Vaasa IFK, as well as other junior teams – for both boys and girls – in Vaasa and Seinäjoki.

Some  of the football teams sponsored by VEO