Cat lady purrs on the handlebars of a Harley

When Pia Pörn talks about her passions, her eyes sparkle and there’s electricity in the air. Pia is passionate about cats, motorcycles, and tattoos. She brings this same enthusiasm to work – a place where she’s already spent 17 good years.

“I was born in Kristinehamn, Sweden in 1970. My father left Laihia to work there, and my mother followed. I spent my early years in Sweden, but we soon returned to my parents’ hometown. We moved back to Laihia before I started school in 1977.

I’ve been living in the Mustasaari district of Vaasa for twenty years, but I still call Laihia home. That’s where I spent my youth, went to school – grew up. It was in Laihia that I became the person I am today. I found several meaningful things that have stayed with me to this day.

Cats are one of them, one of my passions. I’ve been breeding Colourpoint Persians for twenty years. I was a founder member of the Ostrobothnia Cat Club and am currently its chairman. It’s not just about the cats, but also about the people who share a passion for my hobby. The cat fancy community is its own little world with its own sense of humour and community spirit.

“VEO is like a motorcycle club for broad-minded, passionate people!”

My other hobby is motorcycling. I prefer Harleys – there’s something so thrilling about their design and roar. Like most Harley people, I’ve also got a lot of tattoos, and each one has its own story. Some day I hope to have one large, colourful work of art covering my side!

Vivacity, velocity and variety have also been part of my story at VEO. In 1998, I joined Vaasa Kojeisto, which was part of the VEO Group. Since then, I’ve spent 14 years working on various tasks involving low-voltage switchgears, and the last year as a Sales Manager for the hydroelectric power plants. My tasks may have changed, but my location has remained the same. I still want to keep learning new things, but I also want to stay at VEO.

It’s been a fantastic journey thus far – and I’d like to keep going down this road! VEO’s working culture has the same rock attitude as a Harley club. We have open-minded people who dare to try new things, to look for possibilities and more workable solutions. VEO is like a motorcycle club for broad-minded, passionate people – a place where you cruise by the rules, but keep your imagination soaring!”