Like brothers

Matti Perälä knows instruments like the back of his hand. His day job involves designing and commissioning instrumentation for thermal power plants, and in his free time, he is passionate about musical instruments. Matti plays in a band of childhood friends, and it’s not just any other band – read the story and you’ll know why.

”My wife comes from Savonlinna, eastern part of Finland, so we have become experts in smoothly avoiding the pitfalls of our cultural differences.”

”I come from Jalasjärvi. I studied in Tampere and returned home, or almost home, to Seinäjoki in 2008. I have a family consisting of my wife Riikka and our son Aapeli, who is now a year and a half. My wife comes from Savonlinna, eastern part of Finland, so we have become experts in smoothly avoiding the pitfalls of our cultural differences and contrasting ways of life.

Culture is a large part of my life otherwise also. One of my strongest passions is music. That’s what I spend all my free time with.

I’m in a band called Sakia. We are a group of six, playing indie rock that bows to modern Britpop. It’s darkish but ethereal rock. We respect bands like Radiohead, Mumford and Sons and Coldplay, for instance. We are five childhood friends from Jalasjärvi and one from Eura.

About a year ago we published our first single that includes two tracks, and we got air time on the YleX Noste radio show. The national radio station gave our single a week of heavy rotation, which was fantastic.

The following fall we put out two more tracks, so now we have four tracks out altogether. Quite recently we started working with producer Aki Sihvonen. He has produced, among others, the latest record of the Seinäjoki-bred Softengine. We play occasional gigs and focus on creating new music that is as good as possible.

It’s great to see our band making progress. Although music is just a hobby, it is a passionate one. The steps we’ve taken have grown my interest in seeing where we can go with our music. The fact that I can do this with my childhood friends does not diminish my enthusiasm! Being able to maintain friendships with people you have known since childhood is something very precious. We are like brothers and I feel privileged about it.

”It’s great to stay in touch with your childhood friends.”

I feel privileged about my job as well.
I live so close to my work place that I can jump on my bike in the morning and ride to the office. It’s great that we have an office in Seinäjoki as well. I think we have a pretty pleasant atmosphere at work. We have a youthful bunch of people at the office, so the days go by nicely.

To me, VEO in three words is: interesting, demanding and flexible. Here we genuinely think about life outside work as well. As a father of a young boy I am not sent to sites abroad for unreasonably long periods of time.

My job involves designing and commissioning instrumentation and low voltage systems for thermal power plants. During the first couple of years I commissioned projects in the Czech Republic and a few power plants in Germany. It was a very educational time. From 2010 onwards, I have mainly been involved in projects in Sweden.

The great thing with my job is to see what I have accomplished. When you have designed something, you get to see it in action and you may realize how it could be done even better next time. It’s the same with music: you always want to grow and do things better. I guess that’s the core of passion, the will to develop. It keeps things interesting.”


A sextet from Seinäjoki, Finland Ethereal indie rock


  • Matti Perälä, vocals
  • Timo Mäkelä, guitar
  • Mikko Kivistö, guitar
  • Ville Rantamäki, bass
  • Juho Mäntylä, keyboards
  • Petri Haakana, drums

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