New factories need a new mindset

Factories seem to keep getting larger and more efficient all the time. At VEO, our job is to make them reliable, safe and energy efficient. Although the Internet of Things (IoT) is on everyone’s lips, I want to remind you that user activity determines the benefit of a device’s increased intelligence level. In my opinion, IoT should mean that the smart devices themselves tell us e.g. when they need maintenance or how a production process could be improved. High intelligence doesn’t automatically mean added value.

When it comes to using IoT, one could almost say that the sky is the limit. At the moment, we’re not using nearly all the available intelligence potential. I think this will change a lot in the upcoming years. There will be easier and more efficient ways to use the massive amounts of generated device data. At the same time, cyber security becomes more important. Once the data moves outside the factory walls and devices can speak freely with the cloud, we need a new mindset.

”In the future, the flexibility and serviceability of VEO’s switchgears will be increasingly important.”

For example, in Finland, we have a lot of production facilities that have been built in the 60’s and 70’s. As they’re still using the original equipment, VEO experts are often called in to improve e.g. safety, reliability or performance. If spare parts for old machines are no longer available, a complete renewal is often required so that the factory can fulfil today’s requirements. Reliability is the key word here – most factories cannot afford to be out of order for a long time. That’s why, at VEO, we prefer to use proven technologies instead of instantly going for the newest technological trends.

We base VEO’s electrical distribution solutions on the industry’s real needs as well as extensive experience and R&D. We work hard to ensure user safety and availability performance. As a vendor independent company, we have the freedom to scan the global market for the best solutions – hardware and software – and make expert choices based on our customers’ individual needs. Sometimes customers have very strict specifications, e.g. certain models and manufacturers, other times they only ask for a particular type of performance. In any case, we always strive for the best and most cost-efficient outcome.

In the future, the flexibility and serviceability of VEO’s switchgears will be increasingly important. For example, new drive solutions will emphasise a good airflow, and I’m glad to say that we already have several different options for both air and liquid cooled drive systems. Customers will also pay more attention to device dimensioning. With the correct dimensioning, smart solutions, educated users and sufficient safety, future devices will be fully functional throughout their promised work life. All it takes is the right partner and the right solutions.

Mikael Hietala, Sales Manager, Pulp & Paper