One for all, and all for one

Jesse Palmberg lives and breathes sport, above all floorball and ice hockey. But it’s not just the sports themselves that Jesse loves, it’s also the shared experience, the team spirit. Sweating together to achieve a shared goal is Jesse’s passion – and he sees that same team spirit and enthusiasm among his workmates at VEO.

“I’m from Kristiinankaupunki. I started playing ice hockey there as a young boy. In secondary school, I got involved with the Vaasan Sport juniors, and hockey remains a part of my life to this day. I’ve spent a lot of time sitting in buses, travelling thousands of kilometres to play matches all across Finland.

“We try to leave the smell of sweat in the changing rooms!”

I still spend a lot of time sitting in buses, only the sport has changed! Nowadays I play floorball for SB Vaasa, a team in the Finnish First Division. I’ve always been interested in floorball. One of my good friends played in the team, so I decided to give it a go – and I’m still giving it a go. I haven’t regretted it for a moment. Floorball is a fast and fantastic sport.

Sometimes I wonder why I bother travelling around Finland for minor league games. But there’s just something to it, a love for the game and a strange enthusiasm for sharing the experience. As a team, you’re allowed to succeed or fail. It doesn’t matter whether you win the championship or whether it all goes down the drain – everything you have achieved, you have achieved together. There are no words to describe the feeling you get when every member of the team works together towards a shared goal. Team sports get my heart beating.

My heart also beats for my ‘home team’. Without them I wouldn’t be able to train so intensively. I live in Vaasa with my partner Jelena and our four-year-old dog, Sara. When I’m away from home training or playing matches, Jelena takes care of walking and feeding the dog, and everything else. Exercise makes you feel good. Jelena and I are both sporty, so we understand the importance of that feeling.

I also enjoy my work at VEO. I studied to be an electrical engineer alongside my sporting activities, and got my first summer job in 2011 while in school. I did everything that was on offer. I got a permanent job in 2014, and am currently a project engineer at the diesel and gas power station. Our department is designing low-voltage stations for Wärtsilä.

My workmates make a great team. Our team is full of competent guys who are willing to share their experience when I need help. You spend a lot of time with your workmates, so you need to get along. Then the days go quickly and it’s nice to come to work. It’s a lot like sport. You can’t keep the passion alive by yourself – the whole team needs to keep the flame burning.

The VEO flame is also burning on the ice rink. We have a company hockey team called Runsorin Kunkut (the Runsor Kings) named after Runsor, the area in Vaasa where VEO has its premises. Everyone in the team is on the same level, regardless of their job title, which made it easier for me to feel at home in the VEO community. When we leave the rink, we take that same team spirit and passion back to work with us – but we try to leave the smell of sweat in the changing rooms!

I still have goals, both in sport and at work. I always want to learn more at VEO – I want to learn something every day. I also want to move forwards and upwards on my career path. Whether it’s a question of sport or work, you can’t improve without goals.”

Jesse Palmberg

  • Born: 1989, Kristiinankaupunki
  • Family: partner Jelena and a four-year-old dog (Pomeranian)
  • Hobbies: floorball (SB Vaasa – Division 1), company ice hockey team, golf, gym
  • At VEO: project engineer at VEO since 2014
  • Other: has faith in the power of cooperation and team spirit!