VEO 24/7 Expert Services – You’ll never walk alone


Be honest: Do you get up every time you want to switch the channel on your TV? I guess the answer is no. I don’t do it either. So, what if I told you that it’s just as easy to control big production units? We can dig deep into machine functionality and investigate e.g. why something is not starting. When we find the fault, we can suggest a solution and send someone to fix the problem – or tell them not to worry, if the problem can be fixed remotely. That saves time and money. And travel expenses. In fact, we can even power up new production units via our secure remote service connection.

Centralised control rooms are now common around the world. As the number of service personnel decreases, job-flow control – including production reports, machine maintenance and lifecycle management – becomes a task for service systems. With massive amounts of easily accessible process data, we can make better decisions than ever. Based on the results we can then optimise processes and production and schedule maintenance work for next summer. We’re able to fine tune processes so well that it leads to increased quality and reliability. Our customers also experience fewer interruptions, lower service costs and a longer work life for production units. Production processes and machines run smoothly, as they should.

“At VEO, we optimise and update electrification and automation systems, offering our customers all the service they need”

We put a lot of effort in thinking about what’s important for our customers. A central part of VEO’s tailored lifecycle services actually involves avoiding problems. The key is a reliable remote connection with high cyber security. In my opinion, cyber threats are becoming a real issue in the energy industry. That’s why we’re working hard at VEO to make all connections – from separate machines to entire production facilities – as secure as possible. What if a worm or virus enters a network that controls many different production units? What if that system happens to be 5 years old and runs an operating system without virus protection? These are real issues that need to be resolved, especially when more and more units are remotely connected to different networks.

At VEO, we optimise and update electrification and automation systems, offering our customers all the service they need. We developed the VEO 24/7 service some 3 years ago so that none of our customers would ever be left alone with their problems. Also, we like challenges! The feedback I’ve received clearly shows that our VEO 24/7 service, together with our expertise, is making a difference. I think people really appreciate that they can get in touch with the right guy, right away. Through our secure remote connection we can, upon request, check e.g. that processes are functioning as they should and that the control loops are not swaying. Another great thing is that, through the same secure connection, our customers are able to monitor and manage their process. With our help, remote always means reliable.

Johan Lång, Sales Manager, Expert Services, Nordic Countries