Veo is recruiting in Norway

VEO is recruiting: the office in Norway is looking for a fourth team member. It could be you! We interviewed the current trio and asked what their working environment and daily tasks are like. What kind of a person would fit in as the fourth pillar of the team? Read the story about Team Norway.

VEO has an office at Fornebu, Norway, in the vicinity of Oslo. From Fornebu, an efficient team of three men collaborates intensely with several Finnish departments. Together they make up an international group of over 30 people sharing common projects.
In Norway, VEO is represented by CEO Viktor Forss, Jakob Lövdahl and Anders Dynge. Let’s find out from the men themselves what their everyday work and routines are like.


”Our work is extremely varied, which makes it very interesting. We participate in all phases of the projects, starting from sales and negotiations until the handover of projects. Our working days are varied. Most days we work from our office, but we travel frequently across Norway meeting customers for negotiations and following up our on-site activities. We are installing new power engineering equipment in both hydropower plants and substations. Many of our new sites are located in the northern parts of the country. VEO also have some exciting deliveries to several of the latest wind power projects around Norway.

At VEO, employees are given as much responsibility as they want to carry. Everyone’s tasks are varied, and their know-how is respected and trusted. We meet a lot of people around Norway, so there’s no time to grow tired of each other’s faces! The pace of work alternates greatly. Sometimes there are easier weeks and we work a little less. Then there are weeks that demand a certain amount of flexibility and longer days at work.”


”Our office is located at Fornebu, approximately 10 kilometres from Oslo. It is a fantastic place!”

“Our office is located at Fornebu, approximately 10 kilometres from Oslo. It is a fantastic place! The local bus and ferry traffic to Oslo runs extremely smoothly. We are based here in the vicinity of Oslo, because our major customers are here, too. Our office is situated in the great business centre, which is the former flight terminal of Oslo. The centre is alive with dozens of firms and over 2 300 employees.
We try – more or less seriously – to have a healthy life style: we have the weakly fruit baskets at the office and on Fridays we have a collective run scheduled on our calendars. Well, the actual execution hasn’t been fully consistent… We try to keep a sense of humour in our everyday work, it makes everything a whole lot more fun!”


”We hope that you are a little like us: that you are an aspiring person who likes to set him-/herself goals and is willing to work hard to achieve those goals. We are looking for a hands-on doer, but also a socially active person. We need a team player who can also work independently since both qualities are needed in this job.


”VEO is an innovative firm. Our customer-oriented approach is strongly visible and genuine.”

“VEO is an exceptionally innovative house. We work with the customer’s viewpoint in mind, always serving and listening. This may sound like advertising, but it’s true. Here at VEO, individual service and customer orientation is genuinely visible in everything. It’s one of our greatest competitive edges. VEO is a flexible partner and one of the biggest project executors in the Scandinavian hydropower and substation industry.”

That’s the job in a nutshell. Did it sound good? Could VEO and Fornebu be your thing? Please contact us and get the detailed instructions from our recruitment coordinator!

Managing Director Viktor Forss, HR Coordinator Jenna Jungerstam
Tel. +358(0)207 1901

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